3 Reasons You’re Not Making More Money (And What to Do Instead)

When the thought of making more money pops in your head…how does it make you feel? Are you excited about the possibility of living a more abundant life? Anxious because, deep down, you don’t feel like it’s possible for you? Annoyed because you think money is just “one of those things” people shouldn’t talk about publicly?



Wherever you fall on the money mindset spectrum, this post and video are going to help illuminate why the heck you’re not currently earning more money and some simple things you can do about it.

But here’s the major plot twist…


The reason you’re not making more money has nothing to do with your job, the products you sell in your business, or the amount of years you’ve worked in your career.

In fact, it actually has nothing to do with money itself. 

What I’ve found is that the beliefs we have about money determine how much money we allow ourselves to make in life. Full stop.

So, if you think you need to work long, hard hours to make good money, then you’ll always hit your “money ceiling” because you’ll miss opportunities that would allow you to make money more passively or effortlessly.

Or if you feel like you don’t deserve to make more money because your family was always living paycheck to paycheck, then you’ll have a harder time attracting abundance into your life.

And if you say that you want more money, but deep down, you’re afraid of how your friends and family would perceive you if you were rollin’ in the dough, then you’ll unconsciously avoid possibilities to grow your wealth.

See what I mean? There are tons of money mindset beliefs that actually cause us to unconsciously avoid money-making opportunities.

When we want to create something in our lives, then we’re putting out an energy that says, “I want to do this!” That’s the side of you that desires to live more abundantly and knows that wealth is a good thing.

But if, at the same time, you’re putting out an unconscious energy that says, “I take that back! Money is scary and I don’t deserve it!” then the intentions you’re setting for your life are in conflict.

Do you see how it would be difficult to create abundance if you’re constantly working toward something and repelling it away from you at the same time? In fact, it would be damn near impossible to really create the level of abundance you desire when you’re sending mixed messages about what you want.

In today’s video, I’m digging into a few popular money mindset beliefs that people have around money, which are holding them back from their earning potential. If you’re here right now, I have a feeling they’ll resonate with you!

And not to worry, I’m also sharing NEW beliefs that you can adopt in place of the ones that aren’t workin’ for you, so that you can start living up to your earning potential, and truly attract the abundance you desire.

Just check it out in this week’s episode:


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