About Me

Where it all began and how I got here, now...

Journey of becoming Rebel Mike

Within the 10 years of experience I have done all forms of sales – phone sales, cold calling, door-to-door, retail, online sales, short-term sales, long-term sales, consultative sales and everything else between them.

Road here has not been without its epic failures and I am sure there are still more of them to come. No matter that, learning from it created Rebel Mike!  
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2007 – me and my friends started a student company

We created custom badges from recycled bottle caps and sold them to whoever had some personality! While it was not a world-saving idea, we managed to spread awareness throughout the country and as a bonus bagged some really awesome awards.

At our “company” I humbly self-appointed myself a CSO (Chief Sales Officer) title and formed a sophisticated sales strategy to follow – be everywhere and be loud. It worked! Here is a first tip for you: Never forget the basics of getting attention.

Selling my 3 businesses

For a brief time I ran 3 logistics companies. The business went like this – a grocery store wanted some apples and had a budget of 10k, my job was to find someone who would do it in 8k. Why 3? Well scaling them would have been expensive.

At that time I had 2 employees who in reality did most of the work, but they got most of the profit too. After a year, came to me with an proposal to buy the company.

Failing, failing again and keep failing

Of course, the logical thing to do with my just earned fortune was to spend it as fast as possible right… Well who am I to argue with common sense! Now when the profit from selling my businesses was spent I thought to myself since I am a salesforce unseen in this universe, I’d create or sell something else to bank some currency.

It did not go as planned…

Spend more money trying new things then ever made. That started to shake my confidence and my willpower was depleting. Decided to take some personal time and used it to keep questioning myself, feeling sorry and develop bad habits.

Turning it around and the birth of Rebel Mike

Luckily there where people around my who enjoyed tough love approach. During my University last year I was a representative at the Schools Council. At one of our meetings the Head of the Council asked me what is going on with me and why he feels I don’t care anymore.

I am not sure he really was prepared for the unloading I did at his office. To this day I am grateful he took the time to listen and for the verbal beating he gave me after.

My Services

What Do I offer

Life Mentoring

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Business Consulting

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Training & Workshop

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Investment Trade

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Executive Coaching

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Conferencing & Talks

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